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Metal and Combustion Reference Standards

High-quality standards for calibration, system monitoring, quality control and for ISO certification

No matter where you stand in the metal processing supply chain, you’ll find the reference standards and samples you need at Labmix24. Whether for foundries or for steel and metal production and processing, our high-quality metal and combustion standards will help you ensure reliable product quality. Customers from mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, construction industry, the electrical industry and trades rely on our first-class standards for monitoring and calibrating their analytical instruments.

We provide a wide variety of reference materials for the metal industry: powder samples for combustion analysis and certified reference materials as well as the control and recalibration samples (setting-up samples) that are used for OES and XRF analysis. And if available reference materials don’t quite fit your analytical needs, let us know. We’ll send you a quote for a custom reference material made exactly to your specifications.

Request a quote: custom OES and XRF metal setting-up samples (SUS)

We carry reference materials from all major manufacturers including

  • ECRM
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