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Reference Standards for Food, Feed and Beverage Analysis

High quality reference materials to support accurate and reliable measurements

If you’re conducting food analysis, testing feed samples, or analyzing drinking water purity, the accuracy of your results is critical to protecting human and animal health. And accurate, precise measurements begin with high quality reference materials and accurate instrument calibration.

As experienced distributors of reference standards for food, feed, and beverage analysis, we offer a large and growing portfolio of the highest quality reference materials to support a wide range of testing applications as well as EU and other regulations.

You’ll find standards in matrices closely matching the material you’re testing, as well as solutions and mixtures with analytes such as: pesticides and metabolites, inorganic analytes, heavy metals, PFAS, mycotoxins, nitrosamines, and other contaminants and impurities.

Have confidence in your data with our comprehensive range of proficiency testing services to help your laboratory comply with regulations, achieve accreditations, and demonstrate the competence of your personnel and methods. If you need your results fast, express testing schemes are also available.

New products for cannabis testing and for the analysis of pharmaceutical, personal care product (PPCPs), and endocrine disruptor residues are also available, including stable isotope labelled standards.

Our range of food and beverage reference materials includes products from:

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Custom-made standards: organic | inorganic

In addition to our extensive portfolio of organic and inorganic single and multi-component standards used for residue analysis and suitable for applications such as AA / GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS, IC, GC, HPLC, HPLC-MS, GC-MS and UV-VIS, we can also offer you custom standards made exactly according to your specifications.

So that you receive your offer as quickly as possible, please send us the following information: required analytes, concentrations, solvents, amount.

As our customer, we handle importation and customs clearance to the EU for you. You also gain access to our excellent, personal customer and scientific support.

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