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Inorganic Aqueous Custom Solutions for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS & IC

Single and Multielementstandards

Labmix24 offers custom aqueous inorganic customer mixtures for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS & IC analysis.

Production takes place in an ISO 17025 and 17034 certified laboratory and the standards are produced according to ISO Guide 31 and ISO Guide 35.

Each standard is supplied with a certificate detailing the uncertainty and traceability to SI.

Certified values ​​and uncertainties are determined based on two independent methods whenever possible (including for multi-element solutions).

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Please note: Different raw materials can be used for the production of a solution. According to ISO 17034 requirements, only the certified value and uncertainty of the measurement must be indicated. Because the starting material used in the production of a CRM does not affect the property of value, different raw materials can be used in the production of the same CRM while meeting ISO 17034 requirements. If you require a specific raw material to be used in the manufacture of your solution, please mention this in your quote request.

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