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Inorganic Aqueous Custom Solutions for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS & IC

Single and Multielementstandards

Do you have a special requirement and can't find a suitable ready-made standard?

Labmix24 offers custom aqueous inorganic customer mixtures for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS & IC analysis.

Custom-made solutions can save your lab time and money. You’ll save labor time mixing solutions and on documentation, minimize the risk of errors, and reduce costs associated with stocking seldomly-used raw materials.

Production takes place in an ISO 17025 and 17034 certified laboratory and the standards are produced according to ISO Guide 31 and ISO Guide 35.

Each standard is supplied with a certificate detailing the uncertainty and traceability to SI.

Certified values ​​and uncertainties are determined based on two independent methods whenever possible (including for multi-element solutions).

Request a personalized quote for your custom standard using the form below, or download our form to work offline or request a quote for multiple standards.

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Please note: Different raw materials can be used for the production of a solution. According to ISO 17034 requirements, only the certified value and uncertainty of the measurement must be indicated. Because the starting material used in the production of a CRM does not affect the property of value, different raw materials can be used in the production of the same CRM while meeting ISO 17034 requirements. If you require a specific raw material to be used in the manufacture of your solution, please mention this in your quote request.

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