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Labmix24 – About us

The demands on the safety and quality of products are constantly increasing. In order to protect consumer health and manufacture technically flawless products, reliable, high quality reference materials are indispensable.

So that you can devote your valuable time to analysis, we offer excellent customer service to ensure that you quickly find the right reference material for your specific application. We offer a large selection of suitable certified and non-certified reference and consumable materials, as well as individual solutions for your requirements.

Our expertise

The world of reference materials and standards is complex and highly specialized. We, the founders of Labmix24, Stefan Limbach and Ingo Glass, together with our team, have more than 50 years of professional experience delivering certified reference materials in the areas of environmental, food, pharmaceutical, metal, geological and industrial testing.

Our range includes both certified and non-certified reference materials, SUS and recalibration samples, as well as consumables for a wide variety of testing purposes, methods, and industries. 


And in case you require a custom solution, we offer custom-made standards.

Let us help you find the right material for your analysis.

Thanks to their certifications (ISO 17034 and ISO 17025) our products meet the highest quality standards. In general, we ensure that our processes consistently meet our customers’ needs as well as all regulatory requirements.

An employee examines a metal reference sample

How we work

Our customers are our focus

Our customers‘ satisfaction is our highest priority. We focus on our customers‘ needs and offer suitable, flexible solutions.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Starting with our product portfolio, we promote environmental protection. From water to soil analyses, reference materials make an important contribution to the preservation of natural resources.

Openness and transparency

Effective interpersonal communication is the basis of good teamwork. For this reason, we foster a climate of openness and transparency.

Our team is our strength

Our team members have diverse skillsets and specialist knowledge. We build upon this with regular training and continuing education. Flat hierarchies encourage independent work and maintain motivation.

The duty of care towards our employees is an important part of our company’s philosophy. We maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our History

Ingo Glass and Stefan Limbach founded Labmix24 in 2014 in order to offer customers a personal, reliable and trustworthy basis for the procurement of high-quality reference materials.

Thanks to our ever-growing shop database and our focus on excellent customer service, we’ve grown steadily since then. Every year since 2020, we’ve been recognized by FOCUS Magazine as a German Growth Champion and in 2021 by the Financial Times as one of the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe.

We want to become your long-term, trusted partner for certified reference materials and reference standards.

Learn more about our ranges of reference materials, search our shop database or send us a request for a quote at any time. 

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We’re looking forward to working with you.