Iron and copper base metal samples from Brammer Standard
Iron and copper base metal samples from Brammer Standard

Brammer Standard Company, Inc.

CRMs, reference materials and SUS for XRF and Spark OES

Brammer Standard Company was founded by Robert Brammer in 1968, beginning with a range of 7 carbon and low alloy steel discs. Brammer Standard, now in its second generation under the leadership of Beau Brammer, currently produces over 250 Reference Materials together with cooperating laboratories in an interlaboratory testing program.

Brammer’s range includes certified reference materials, reference materials and setting-up samples to monitor and calibrate analytical equipment such as X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers, combustion analyzers and spark optical emission spectrometers.

Products available include:

  • Powders, chips and solids (e.g. XRF coins, discs)
  • Various bases (Iron and non-ferrous metals e.g. Aluminum, Copper, Nickel)
  • Industrial materials

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