Speira aluminium coil
Speira aluminium coil

Speira Aluminium Reference Standards

Exclusive distribution of Speira's high quality CRMs, RMs and SUS for the aluminium industry

Speira is a leading European aluminium rolling and recycling company with a total of eleven recycling and production sites in Germany and Norway plus own research and development. Speira recycles up to 650,000 tons of aluminium per year and produces around one million tons of advanced rolled products. The plants include the Alunorf joint venture, the world’s largest aluminium rolling mill, and Grevenbroich, the world’s largest refining plant in the world. With approximately 5,500 employees, Speira is proud to supply some of the best-known industrial companies in the global sectors automotive, packaging, printing, engineering, building and construction.

The R&D department of Speira has been manufacturing aluminum reference materials for spectrometry for over 40 years. More than 200 different types of samples are available to cover a wide range of analytical requirements. These reference materials are appropriate for techniques including OES and XRF.

Speira samples are produced using a special vertical continuous casting technology in a dedicated facility and are exceptionally homogeneous. Certificate values for the samples are determined using high-precision measurement methods in a laboratory accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Speira is accredited by DAkkS as a manufacturer of certified aluminium reference materials according to DIN EN ISO 17034.

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