A selection of reference standards from Conostan
A selection of reference standards from Conostan

CONOSTAN® __ for stability and accuracy

CONOSTAN® Oil Analysis Standards offer consistent composition and performance

The CONOSTAN® Division of SCP SCIENCE is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Metallo-organic Oil standards and related spectroscopy products.

The CONOSTAN® leading industry position is derived from superior product chemistry, manufacturing technology, and blending techniques. CONOSTAN® products are used extensively in the calibration and operation of analytical instruments for the analysis of elements in oil and other organic fluids.

CONOSTAN® is the only source of metallo-organic standards in the history of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). The variety of products afford convenience as reference and routine analytical materials for AA, ICP, DCP, XRF, Rotrode, and other analytical techniques.

Oil standards are used extensively in the calibration and operation of instruments that analyze elements in oil and other organic fluids. CONOSTAN® product lines offer a wide variety of reference standards, solvents, and reagents for ICP, DCP, rotating disk electrode, XRF, AA, and other analytical spectrometric techniques. CONOSTAN® products are optimized for:

Compatibility – Combinations of 38 different elements are available over an extensive concentration range.

SolubilityCONOSTAN® standards are soluble in a variety of substances: ketones, mineral oil, xylene, kerosene, etc. Blank oils and PremiSOLV, a kerosene alternative, are also available for use as solvents.

VolatilityCONOSTAN® standards are made in ultra-pure, highly processed hydrocarbon oil only: no solubilizers are used, making these standards extremely stable to volatile loss.

Viscosity – The viscosity range of CONOSTAN® standards at room temperature is ideal for instrumental applications.

Instrumental responseCONOSTAN® standards provide excellent analytical response over a wide range of applications.

Shelf life – All CONOSTAN® element standards and spectroscopy products have a one-year minimum shelf life from the date of shipment.

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