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Note: Food Chemicals Codex FCC Analytical Material (FAM) products are fit-for-purpose materials designed specifically for the food industry and can be used for method development, verification, transfer, validation, method lifecycle management, or for other purposes deemed suitable by the user. FAM products are different from official USP Reference Standards and are specific for the food industry. Unlike USP Reference Standards that are accompanied with USP Certificates, FCC Analytical Materials are accompanied with Product Information Sheets (PIS). /// A complex mixture prepared by spray-drying condensed skim milk with added melamine at an approximate concentration of 1 ppm


Certificate of Analysis (specimen)

Reference Material CoA specimen: for the current lot, please contact your customer service representative at

Product data sheet

View all available product details e.g. description, analytes/parameters, CAS Number, concentrations/values, sales unit/product format, method, source, transport information

United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

US Pharmacopeia Standards set a global benchmark, enabling efficient, reliable, and cost-effective development and quality control of pharmaceuticals.

Official USP Reference Standards are highly characterized physical specimens intended for quality control use when conducting assays and tests for medicines as described in the USP-NF. When you conduct tests and assays required by the USP-NF using the USP reference standards specified, the results can be considered conclusive.

As a USP-Authorized Distributor, we offer the following products and services:

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