A healthcare worker holds a child's hands
A healthcare worker holds a child's hands

USP Standards provide Value beyond the Vial™

USP standards and services help you consistently and efficiently produce high quality medicines

US Pharmacopeia Standards set a global benchmark, enabling efficient, reliable, and cost-effective development and quality control of pharmaceuticals.

Official USP Reference Standards are highly characterized physical specimens intended for quality control use when conducting assays and tests for medicines as described in the USP-NF. When you conduct tests and assays required by the USP-NF using the USP reference standards specified, the results can be considered conclusive.

The USP-NF combines the compendia of the United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary. It is an official publication containing monographs for both chemical and biologic medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients (inactive ingredients). The monographs describe the specifications for the identity, purity, strength, and performance of medicines and link directly with USP primary reference standards.

As a USP-Authorized Distributor, we offer the following products and services:

With USP RSs from Labmix24, your benefits go beyond the opportunity to prove your quality and compliance. You can also register to access USP’s educational and informational resources. As official USP distributors, you can be assured of our help with delivery and customs clearance to the EU from the US for you. You also gain access to our excellent, personal customer and scientific support.

In a recent survey by USP, generic drug manufacturers responding said that compendial standards accelerate product development, saving 19% of overall development time, and 31% of time on analytical method development. And 80% of customers surveyed rated USP Reference Standards “best in class.”

USP RSs help you to assure quality, reliability, and efficiency in your development and production. Let us help you find and source the USP standards you need.

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