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Reference Material (RM) 8820 is primarily intended to be used for X and Y scale (or magnification) calibrations from less than 10 times magnifications to more than 100 000 times magnifications in scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). It was designed to provide good contrast at low and high electron landing energies (accelerating voltages). Beyond testing scale calibration, it can be used for non-linearity measurements, especially at lower than 10 000 times magnifications. It can also be used for optical and scanning probe and other types of microscopes. Most SEMs require a set of calibration structures of different sizes to cover the full range of possible magnifications. This Reference Material (in part using the ideas implemented in earlier NIST scale calibration artifacts) is designed to meet that need. A unit of NIST-RM 8820 consists of a 20 mm × 20 mm lithographically patterned silicon chip.



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