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Chinese Pharmacopoeia Reference Standards and Reagents

Produce high quality medicines meeting the standards of the PPRC

Labmix24 offers an extensive range of official primary reference standards from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia as well as reagents appropriate for pharmacopoeia analysis in compliance with Chinese Pharmacopoeia requirements.

Explore our range of Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards and reagents:

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About the Chinese Pharmacopoeia

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia is the official compendium of drugs of the People’s Republic of China, covering standards of purity, descriptions, tests, dosages, precautions, storage and strength for each drug. The ChP, currently in its tenth edition (2015), is published in both English and Chinese, and is divided into four volumes as follows, covering a total of 5,608 medicinal products:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Chemical Medicine
  • Biological Preparations
  • General rules and common inactive ingredients, new volume