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Each system suitability set contains (1) Reagent Water Rw, (1) 0.500 mg/L C from USP Sucrose Rs and (1) 0.500 mg/L C from USP 1,4-benzoquinone Rss.


Certificate of Analysis (specimen)

Reference Material CoA specimen: for the current lot, please contact your customer service representative at

Product data sheet

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Waters ERA

Founded in 1977, ERA is one of the premier providers of certified reference materials (CRMs) and proficiency tests (PTs) to environmental analytical laboratories around the world.  

You’ll find products for environmental testing purposes in a wide variety of matrices (e.g. soil, effluent, water) and analytes (e.g. inorganics, pesticides, PAHs) as well as supporting proficiency tests.

CRMs from the QC Plus Program feature environmental analytes at concentrations reflecting realistic levels of pollutants in industrial settings (wastewater and industrial analysis).

If you need your results quickly, ERA’s range includes QuiK Response PTs available on demand, 52 weeks per year.