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BAM offers the test material EDS-TM002, whose spectrum ?reacts? sensitively to malfunctions of the EDS. All the measurements necessary for the performance check of an EDS at an scanning electron microscope in compliance with ISO 15632:2012 ?Microbeam Analysis ? Selected instrumental performance parameters for the specification and checking of energy dispersive X-ray spectrometers for use in electron probe microanalysis? can be carried out with this one specimen. It consists of a thick layer (of about 6 ?m) containing the elements C, Al, Mn, Cu and Zr deposited on a silicon substrate.The evaluation of the measurement is possible in principle with the software package available from spectrometer manufacturers. However, the evaluation of the EDS performance can be carried out in an easier and quicker way by means of the software package ?EDS Spectrometer Test? offered (optionally) also by BAM together with the EDS-TM002 test material. The software requires that the detector is provided with a thin film window. For detectors equipped with a beryllium window the software is not applicable.


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The German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

The German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) draws upon more than 100 years of tradition developing reference materials to support correct and reliable measurements.

These reference materials are useful for determining measurement uncertainty, calibration, validation of methods, and for suitability testing and quality assurance.

BAM is accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) as a producer of reference materials (RM and CRM) in accordance with ISO 17034 (General requirements for the competence of reference material producers). The reference materials are certified in accordance with the principles and requirements of ISO 17034 and ISO Guide 35.