Reference samples from SURAGUS
Reference samples from SURAGUS

SURAGUS reference samples for calibrating sheet resistance testers

Reference sample set for recalibration and periodic checking of system accuracy

SURAGUS GmbH develops, manufactures and sells measuring and testing solutions based on the eddy current testing technology. The broad and high-frequency spectrum of the EddyCus® systems allows the testing of materials ranging from very poor to good conductivity. Customers use EddyCus® systems for the characterization, process control or quality assurance of various materials in a wide variety of processes.

SURAGUS has distinguished itself as an innovator and been honored with several innovation awards as well as the title „German Hidden Champion.” Thanks to the modular hardware and software platform, even complex test tasks can be solved within a short time.

Eddy current measuring devices are used in the testing and quality control of e.g.

  • Metal coatings/foils
  • Transparent conductive coatings
  • Carbonaceous (e.g. graphene, graphite, CNTs)
  • Semiconductor materials

These measuring devices are used in these and other industries:

  • Semiconductors
  • Photovoltaic
  • Glass
  • Packaging/foils
  • Display
  • Battery

Purpose of the reference sample set:

  • Calibration of electrical characterization systems
  • Verification of the measurement system accuracy to comply with ISO 9001

Test types and measurement methods

  • Eddy current
  • Two-point and four-point probe testing (2PP/4PP)
  • Hall effect
  • Van der Pauw

Materials and layer stacks

  • SURAGUS develops various layer and layer stacks covering 9 decades of electrical layer resistance.
  • Each layer’s coating is deposited with a very high level of homogeneity
  • All samples go through an extensive sample selection and non-contact characterization process
  • The layer stacks used are optimized for low aging


  • Standards and reference samples are shipped in high quality packaging
  • Shatterproof substrate—easy and safe to transport


  • SURAGUS manufacturer certification
  • ISO/IEC 17025 traceable reference samples on request

Validation and Certification

  • All reference samples undergo an extensive validation process in which the coating is examined using contactless imaging to exclude defects.
  • SURAGUS also offers a recertification service. This is recommended to be done after one year.


  • Precise and inexpensive
  • Stable and homogeneous coating
  • Customizable to specific requirements by
    • different sample sizes
    • different measuring ranges

SURAGUS reference samples for calibration support correct and reliable measurement results when using sheet resistance testers. These can be used with non-contact or non-destructive measuring devices as well as with contacting devices**, e.g. based on the 4-tip method. For the best possible results, it is recommended that the accuracy of each meter be checked at least every 12 months.

SURAGUS reference standards are characterized using NIST standards and enable compliance with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001. The reference samples have a stable and homogeneous coating and are available in different sheet resistance ranges and different sizes. Depending on the sheet resistance measurement range required, a reference set consists of 4 to 22 samples. SURAGUS guarantees the values ​​for 12 months. After 12 months, recertification by SURAGUS is recommended.

Trust in the correctness of your test results with SURAGUS.

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*Please note that these reference samples are SURAGUS certified. If you need reference samples certified according to ISO/IIEC 17025, SURAGUS can offer you a suitable solution. Send us your request at

**With 4-point instruments, it is possible that sharper versions of the needles may damage the reference samples.