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Japanese Pharmacopoeia Reference Standards

Official JP primary standards help you produce high quality medicines compliant with the Japanese Pharmacopoeia

Official Japanese Reference Standards are required for compendial testing to verify compliance with the legal requirements of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Labmix24 offers the complete catalog of nearly 400 compendial reference standards developed and provided by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Science Society of Japan (PMRJ).  We also offer a range of reagents and solutions conforming to the requirements of the JP.

With JP primary RSs, you’ll be able to verify your compliance with the official quality standards of Japan as well as countries where the JP or the use of JP Reference standards is accepted. As our customer, you can be assured of our help with importation and customs clearance to the EU from Japan. You also gain access to our excellent, personal customer and scientific support.

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About the Japanese Pharmacopoeia

The Japanese Pharmacopoeia is the official pharmacopoeia of Japan and is published by the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA). With a history spanning 130 years, it’s currently in its 18th edition (2021).  The PMRJ is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.