myStandards nano-pellet reference standards
myStandards nano-pellet reference standards

myStandards Reference materials for LA-ICP-MS, µXRF, XRF and LIBS

Nano-particulate pressed powder pellets for safer, easier handling

myStandards GmbH, headquartered in Kiel, Germany, was founded in 2018 and has since become a leader in the development and manufacturing of (certified) reference materials for solid state geochemical analysis. Applicable methods include LA-ICP-MS, µXRF, XRF and LIBS. Using a high-tech procedure developed in-house, myStandards manufactures binder-free, ultra-homogenous nano-particulate pressed pellets.

Available material classes and products include:

  • Mineral – Nano-Pellets
  • Carbonate – Nano-Pellets
  • Sulphides and Ore – Nano-Pellets
  • Felsic Rocks – Nano-Pellets
  • Mafic Rocks – Nano-Pellets
  • Ultramafic Rocks – Nano-Pellets
  • Aluminium and polymer sample mounts für Nano-Pellets

myStandards´ strength is in geological reference materials ranging from minerals to rocks and carbonates. The portfolio is growing to include custom-made pellets of materials ranging from polymers to wood to hair. In-house developed accessories to enable easier handling of Nano-Pellets round out the product range.

In addition to standardly available products, myStandards can also create custom-made Nano-Pellets manufactured from your materials. Be it pellets made from a drill-core, organic or synthetically elementally doped material, myStandards evaluates the feasibility and comes up with a timely solution. The sample holders are also customisable through CAD-drawings. Currently the holders are available as 3D-printed polymer or CNC-milled aluminium version. As an added service, myStandards can have your manufactured powders characterised in accredited (ISO 17025) laboratories.

The Nano-Pellets lay the foundation for being able to avoid time-consuming and potentially dangerous wet-chemistry procedures involving acids. Classical wet-chemistry analyses are often limited when it comes to spatial resolution and sample size.

To achieve this, myStandards GmbH is on its way to becoming accredited in accordance with ISO 17034 and has begun manufacturing its self-developed materials following the directives of ISO 17034 and ISO Guide 35.

As distributors for myStandards reference materials, we are happy to help you find and procure the reference materials you need.

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