A selection of products from Reagecon
A selection of products from Reagecon

Reagecon Standards, CRMs and Reagents

Delivering the Correct Result

Founded in 1990, Reagecon has grown to become the largest producer of physical and chemical standards, CRMs and reagents in the world. 

Our range of more than 10,000 Reagecon products includes electrochemical standards, physical standards, organic and inorganic standards, physicochemical standards, dissolution buffers, and buffered eluents.

We offer Reagecon products to serve a wide variety of industries and sectors including: dairy, soil, water, wastewater, wine, pulp and paper, sugar processing, petrochemicals/biofuels, and pharmaceuticals.

For the pharmaceutical industry, standards and reagents conforming to the requirements of major pharmacopoeias are available.

As a Labmix24 customer, you gain access to our excellent, personal customer and scientific support. Have confidence in the correctness of your results. Let us help you find and source the Reagecon products you need.

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REAGECON is ISO 17034 and 17025 accredited.