Reference standards from Metallogie
Reference standards from Metallogie


Metallurgical round robin tests and reference materials

Metals science and software competence combined: the META<L>LOGIE division of pdv-software GmbH organizes interlaboratory comparisons in the metallurgical environment or for recycling processes. These round robin tests contribute to the accuracy of the analytics used, the determination of measurement uncertainties and the improvement of laboratory processes.

Professional distribution of material samples and the information/specifications for the uniform implementation and evaluation of the tests is carried out in accordance with DIN ISO 5725-2. Test results are made available to the participating laboratories anonymously. After completion of the evaluation, each participant receives an interlaboratory test evaluation and a certificate of participation.

The conclusions of the round robin tests result in reference materials of homogeneous composition suitable for validating methods or laboratories.

As distributors for META<L>LOGIE reference materials, we are happy to help you find and procure the reference materials and proficiency testing you need.

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About pdv-software GmbH

Whether for production laboratories (e.g. in the production of raw materials) or for contract laboratories (e.g. for metallurgy or building material testing): the laboratory solutions from pdv-software GmbH collect – automatically, wherever possible – all analysis data, link technical-scientific facts with commercial data and cover all requirements – from connection of analysis devices to seamless SAP integration, quality monitoring to comprehensive reporting. Their software solutions are in use worldwide.

pdv-software has been established for many years especially in the metallurgical field. In addition to tried-and-tested solutions for data acquisition and evaluation, pdv-software has extensive know-how in industry-specific processes, in particular for sampling, evaluating measurement methods, and evaluating analysis results, for example through interlaboratory tests.

Further software solutions:

  • Laboratory information management system pdv-lims3: comprehensive laboratory solution for production and contract laboratories, including numerous extensions (limit value monitoring, reporting, test equipment management, chemicals management, recipe management, (cost) calculation, etc.)
  • Real-time observation and visualization of production and quality data including warning and intervention limits (pdv-qrk3)
  • Reporting: Creation of comprehensive reports from different data sources, including report distribution and archiving (pdv-beas3)
  • Analysis and quality assurance for the reactivity of quicklime (wet slaking curve, pdv-nlk3)
  • Development of individual laboratory device couplings and interfaces