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Art. Nr.NIST-674b
Verkaufseinheit10 g (powder)
TransportdatenNo Dangerous Good /not restricted

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This Standard Reference Material (SRM®) consists of four oxide powders intended primarily for use as internal standards for quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis. The powders are ZnO (wurtzite structure), TiO2 (rutile structure), Cr2O3 (corundum structure), and CeO2 (fluorite structure). These four oxides offer a range of linear attenuations for Cu-Ka radiation: 279 cm-1, 536 cm-1, 912 cm-1, and 2203 cm-1, respectively, that allow the user to nominally match that of standard to the unknown in order to minimize the effects of microabsorption. A unit of NIST-674b consists of approximately 10 g of each powder, bottled in an argon atmosphere. /// Sample value(s) - please ask for current certificate.
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Text/InformationAnalyt/ParameterCAS NummerKonzentration/WertEinheitMethodeQuelle
Certified Phase Purity Mass FractionsZnO95,28 ± 0,64%
Certified Phase Purity Mass FractionsTiO289,47 ± 0,62%
Certified Phase Purity Mass FractionsCr2O395,91 ± 0,60%
Certified Phase Purity Mass FractionsCeO291,36 ± 0,55%
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