Alumina plate - Instrument response Standard for X-Ray Powder Diffraction

Art. Nr.NIST-1976c
Verkaufseinheit1 disc
TransportdatenNo Dangerous Good /not restricted

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This Standard Reference Material (SRM) consists of a sintered alumina disc intended for the calibration of X-ray powder diffraction equipment with respect to line position and intensity as a function of 2? angle. The solid form of the SRM eliminates any variability in intensity measurements introduced by the sample loading procedure. A unit of NIST-1976c consists of a sintered alumina disc approximately 25.6 mm in diameter by 2.2 mm in thickness. /// Sample value(s) - please ask for current certificate.
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Text/InformationAnalyt/ParameterCAS NummerKonzentration/WertEinheitMethodeQuelle
Reflection, (012)Relative Intensity23,62
Reflection, (104)Relative Intensity100
Reflection, (113)Relative Intensity37,16
Reflection, (024)Relative Intensity20,68
Reflection, (116)Relative Intensity87,83
Reflection, (300)Relative Intensity12,43
Reflection, (1.0.10) & (119)Relative Intensity72
Reflection, (0.2.10)Relative Intensity13,42
Reflection, (226)Relative Intensity8,22
Reflection, (2.1.10)Relative Intensity16,65
Reflection, (324) & (0.1.14)Relative Intensity26,37
Reflection, (1.3.10)Relative Intensity15,29
Reflection, (146)Relative Intensity13,05
Reflection, (4.0.10)Relative Intensity11,04
aLattice parameter0,4759092nm
cLattice parameter1,299337nm
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