Mercury, Perchlorate, and Iodide in Frozen Human Urine

Art. Nr.NIST-3668
Verkaufseinheit10 vials x 1,5 mL
TransportdatenDry ice shipment /not restricted

Weitere Informationen
This Standard Reference Material (SRM®) is intended primarily for validating analytical methods and measurements for the determination of toxic elements and anions in human urine. A unit of SRM 3668 consists of five vials of each of two levels. Each vial contains nominally 1.5 mL of urine. NIST-3668 is shipped on dry ice, and it should be stored at -70 °C until use. Certified values /// Sample value(s) - please ask for current certificate.
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Text/InformationAnalyt/ParameterCAS NummerKonzentration/WertEinheitMethodeQuelle
Level IMercury (Hg)[7439-97-6]0,910 ± 0,055µg/L
Level IPerchlorate2,70 ± 0,21µg/L
Level INitrate (NO3-)38,7 ± 3,0mg/L
Level IIMercury (Hg)[7439-97-6]6,38 ± 0,46µg/L
Level IIPerchlorate13,47 ± 0,96µg/L
Level IINitrate (NO3-)90,3 ± 5,6 1,97mg/L
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