USP Dissolution Performance Verification Standard

USP’s new DPVS – Prednisone (30 tablets) is now available

In a continued effort toward comprehensive qualification of dissolution instruments, USP has developed a new product, Dissolution Performance Verification Standard (DPVS) – Prednisone tablets to create greater reassurance in the performance qualification of Dissolution Apparatus 1 and Dissolution Apparatus 2 using Performance Verification Testing.

Based on the studies that have been performed, the new product is more sensitive to operational and mechanical variables of instrument setup, less sensitive to media degassing, and delivers more consistent results.

To enable a seamless transition from the current standard (Prednisone Tablets) to DPVS – Prednisone standard, both standards will be offered over the next three months before DPVS – Prednisone standard is scheduled to become official in <711> Dissolution (targeted to be official on May 1, 2023). During this transition phase, the current standard (Prednisone Tablets) will remain the only official Reference Standard associated with General Chapter <711> Dissolution. USP plans to discontinue the current standard (Prednisone Tablets) on April 28th, 2023 in anticipation of the <711> revisions becoming official.

The new standard is now available in our webshop:

Prednisone Tablets (previous standard, discontinued after 1 May 2023)

DPVS-Prednisone Standard (standard starting 1 May 2023)

Learn more in the videos below and download our factsheet:

View and download the USP PVT and DPVS Prednisone Factsheet